Note: I don’t derive any financial incentive from Klipfolio for writing about them here.

I recommend Klipfolio as a cloud dashboard solution for many companies. I have used it before and have recommended it to clients in the past. Allan Wille, their CEO, has built a positive, service-oriented company culture, and their designs and visuals are stunning.

Klipfolio is not suited for doing ad-hoc data analysis (like you would with Microsoft Excel, Tableau or PowerBI). However, once you have decided which metrics you want to monitor, Klipfolio makes it easy to make your dashboards visible. Their charts (called “klips”) look good on a large TV as well as your mobile phone. They have a licensing tier for “unlimited users”, which is good if you want to make some metrics visible to property owners or investors.

The good:

  • Pricing is reasonable. See screenshot below (this is as of March 2017).
  • Connect to just about any data source (Excel, Google Docs, many cloud applications, SQL databases etc.)
  • Cloud-based model makes deployment easy.
  • Visually appealing (a large screen TV in your office displaying your key metrics would look good!)
  • Good support and service.
  • Simple licensing.

The not so good:

  • Complex klips are not easy to create (Klipfolio has its own syntax for formulas that may take you time to learn).

Learn more about Klipfolio at

Below a screenshot.

klipfolio dashboard, property management dashboard


Dashboard Architecture:

The high-level architecture of Klipfolio for dashboards:

klipfolilo pricing



Klipfolio Pricing:

klipfolio pricing, real estate dashboard