Saad Shah is the founder of Metric-X, a data analytics and software development company based in Michigan.

Metric-X’s products include RentViewer and XLhub. Metric-X also develops custom analytics solutions built with Power BI and Tableau. Scale 123 is a service provided by Metric-X that combines analytics and process consulting.

Saad has a degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering and has spent his entire career at the intersection of software engineering and data science.

After Metric-X started focusing exclusively on the real estate management companies, Saad identified the need for process improvement and coaching.

What led you to offer Scale 123?

One thing I noticed different about my analytics clients in real estate compared to clients in other industries was that the real estate clients would frequently cancel meetings, or after signing up for my products would not use them. It turned out the real estate executives seemed to be working longer hours, were stretched in many different directions, and were frequently putting out fires. Some meetings to discuss metrics turned into conversations about how chaotic things had gotten. Many companies were not ready to utilize metrics because they didn’t have stable processes, or in some cases, had not even defined their processes.

Initially I offered the Process Improvement Toolkit to help my clients identify weak processes and prioritize the process definition and improvement efforts. The Toolkit helped many companies, but it was not enough for others. One cannot fix processes unless one thinks of their real estate management business as a set of systems. Or if one does not have an operating system for running their business. So, I created a curriculum for real estate owner operators who want to get out fire fighting mode and want to systematize their business. This is called Scale 123.

What makes Scale 123 different from a regular business coaching program?

A “regular” coach meets with you and addresses goals, motivation and roadblocks. Others also look at your books and advise on the health of your business. They also hold you accountable for your goals.

With Scale 123 you get what these coaches provide. And you get a lot more. You get a framework for how a property management business is run. You get a roadmap for building a scalable business. You get questionnaires and templates for identifying weaknesses and prioritizing your To Do’s. We connect RentViewer to your property management system and visualize and drill down into your data. We survey your investors, your employees and your tenants to learn how they perceive you and your brand. We train your team on “systems thinking” and how to do root cause analysis (a pre-requisite for systemizing your business). This is far more than “regular” business coaching. As an owner operator, you will experience a personal transformation as a leader, and see improvements in team dynamics, tenant reviews and these will be reflected in NOI, valuations and the metrics your investors care about.

Do you work personally with Scale 123 clients, or do you outsource the coaching?

I work personally with owner operators. Normally, we will have a weekly one-on-one meeting. In addition to the meeting I will be looking at your financial and operational metrics. I will also be speaking with others on your extended team (with your consent, of course), and will hold you accountable for the work needed to make your business scalable.

Other members of the Metric-X team will be involved in building your dashboards, managing your data warehouse, and conducting employee and tenant surveys.

What would you be doing if you weren’t the CEO of Metric-X?

I would have been a high school teacher. I founded Metric-X 20 years ago, and have had an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience as an analytics advisor to big brands. At this point in my career, being a Scale 123 coach and implementer is very enjoyable.

What do you like to do in your “free time”?

Being around my wife and children laughing and sharing stories. Walking the trails near my house. I also grow vegetables in the summer time. I recently visited several National Parks and decided I would like to visit many more. There are about 60 of them in the U.S.

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

Starting and growing Metric-X. Being able to play a part in the career growth of many individuals I have worked with. Striving to stay true to the guiding principles of the company.

What’s one thing people won’t know about you unless you tell them?

I used to speak fluent Swahili. I can still speak some now.

What are some of your “bucket list” items?

  • Complete a half-marathon
  • Get good at playing the harmonica
  • Swim in the Great Barrier Reef
  • Go to a Van Morrison concert (done)
  • Land an airplane on Catalina Island (done!)
  • Visit six continents (done)
  • There are several others related to family, relationships and giving back

How can people get a hold of you?

1-248-601-6400, sshah @