The E-Myth and the Property Management Executive

On any day, do you both feel proud of the business you have built, and also some trepidation that a lot more work remains to be done?

This is a common sentiment among all of my clients, who, by the way, also feel optimistic about the possibilities that await them.


You’ve heard many times the concept of “working on your business vs working in your business.” Here, I am going to list the type of work that falls under each category. I would love to hear where your time is going, and why.


Please note that I don’t believe a leader should feel they are above a certain task. Leaders should never hesitate to get in the trenches with their employees (or alone) and get things done.

However, if you are constantly jumping into the trenches, or fighting fires regularly, or frequently frustrated about the performance of your employees … then you need to pause. Pause and think about what’s the best use of your time..

A leader should never think that some tasks are beneath them

Working On The Business

Activity Time Spent (%)
Creating systems  
Raising capital  
Coaching and developing your people  
Reviewing business performance  
Planning and setting strategy  
Listening to your employees  
Listening to your customers  
Visiting your properties and seeing things first-hand  
Reviewing projects  
Doing root cause analysis for things that go wrong  



Working In The Business

Activity Time Spent (%)
Showing units  
Doing repairs, maintenance etc.  
Entering applications into the computer  
Entering bills and sending invoices  
Fixing software and network issues  
Ordering and stocking supplies  
Answering phones (from prospective or current tenants)  



Reasons for working in the business

Reason Agree?


(Rate 1 to 5)

It’s in your comfort zone
It’s what you enjoy doing
Your company is under capitalized
You think this it is the best use of your time
There’s no one else to do it





Do these points resonate with you? What are some activities I missed mentioning? Would love to hear your comments.